The Revenge of Hamish - Choral Music of William McClelland

In 2003, Albany Records released The Revenge of Hamish, WIn 2003, Albany Records released The Revenge of Hamish, our recording of choral music by composer William McClelland.  The album includes setting of texts by some of America's finest poets and authors, including Elizabeth Bishop, Richard Wilbur, Mary Oliver, E.E. Cummings, and Conrad Aiken. 

Featured are two powerful extended ballads: The Revenge of Hamish by Sidney Lanier, and The Ballad of Don and Dan by Ian Frazier.  Hamish is a chilling tale set in the highlands of Scotland which McClelland brings to life with Celtic fiddle, piano and bodhrah and traditional jigs and reels.  Don and Dan describes a bizarre kidnapping in the mountains of Montana with a text drawn from news items written in the Montana papers at the time.  The chorus is accompanied by electric guitar, piano, bass and drums.  

Other works include Five Sonnets for Men's Voices, settings of Dante and John Bunyan, and a hymn entitled Collect Pond, the first musical work ever written about the the activity of Bag Snagging, the removal of plastic bags from trees. 

McClelland's sensitivity to the singing voice and the rhythm and beauty of the written word draws the listener into the unique world of each pieces.  

William McClelland grew up near Goodison, Michigan, and now lives outside New York City.  His works have been commissioned and presented by ensembles throughout the US and the world.  He has collaborated on several works with writer Ian Frazier and a series of projects with the artists Komar & Melamid.  As a performer he has premiered works by composers including John Cage, Carl Ruggles and David Patterson, and he has produced recordings on the Albany and New World Record labels.

1. Song for the Rainy Season
2. The Ballad of Don and Dan
Five Sonnets for Men's Voices
3. Oh, Think Not I Am Faithful to a Vow! 
4. I Expect You from the North
5. Green, Green and Green Again
6. i have found what you are like
7. June Light
8. A Wood
9. Collect Pond
10. Wolf Moon
11. Dark Clouds Bring Waters
12. The Revenge of Hamish
13. In That Part of the Young Year
14. Good Speaking—A Benediction Song