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Welcome to William Appling Singers & Orchestra

Founded in 1979 by William Appling (1932-2008), William Appling Singers & Orchestra  enjoyed 25 years of presenting an extraordinary range of music in concerts throughout the United States.  In 2004, William Appling focused  his attention on the piano, when, early in his career, he had  great success as a soloist in concerto performances with such organizations as the Cleveland Orchestra, as a recitalist, and as accompanist to singers including the legendary tenor Seth McCoy.  

The focus of his piano work became the music of J.S. Bach and Scott Joplin.  He had played Bach's music all his life, but he had only recently discovered Joplin's works. Appling was overwhelmed by the brilliance of Joplin's music and soon began learning his complete piano works with the intention performing them in concert and recording them, in addition to presenting performances of 

Because of a surgical mishap, Appling's ability to use the sustain pedal on a piano became severely limited, and because the music of Bach and Joplin did not require its use, he realized